This machine holds several ore at once, then tumbles it for 2 minutes before releasing them again.


The Tumbler is an upgrader that can be bought at The GearBox for 1,800 credits. It tumbles Ores for 2 minutes, multiplying their value in the process, and can tumble up to 10 Ores at once.

The Tumbler will automatically start tumbling after 10 ores have been put in, or when the owner of the Tumbler presses the activation button located on the side of the Tumbler. No Ores can enter the tumbler while it is tumbling Ores.

The Tumbler is 2 tiles high, meaning 2 Sloped Conveyors are needed to deliver ores into the Tumbler.


The tumbler appears to be a sideways cylinder held up by a baseplate with 4 supports. It has an entrance and exit and a light by the entrance. The activation button is on the side of the Tumbler.

The light on the Tumbler shows the status of the Tumbler.

  • Green light means the Tumbler is ready for use.
  • Yellow light means Ores are currently exiting the Tumbler
  • Red light means the Tumbler is not ready for use and is currently tumbling ores.
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