The GearBox is a shop on Triton II where players are able to buy Base Machinery. This includes Conveyors, Upgraders, and other types of base machinery. Note that multiple Upgraders of the same type do not stack their effects, but different Upgraders do stack their effects.

Shop Items

Below is a list of shop items and their price sold at The GearBox.

Item Name Image Description Cost (Credits)
Washer Level 1 Washer1 "This machine washes your ore." 400
Washer Level 2 Washer2 "This replaces your level 1 washer to make ore more valuable." 10,000
Washer Level 3 Washer3-0 "This replaces your level 2 washer." 60,000
Ore Refiner Level 1 Ore Refiner1 "This refines the ore." 800
Ore Refiner Level 2 Ore Refiner2 "This refines the ore even better than the previous refiner!" 20,000
Tumbler Tumbler "This machine holds several ore at once, then tumbles it for 2 minutes before releasing them again." 1,800
Smelter Smeltery "This machine melts down your ore into one long molten ore block." 50,000
Chopper Chopper "This machine will chop long molten ore into smaller more valuable pieces that can travel the conveyor belts more easily." 85,000
Coolant Tank Coolant Tank "This cools off molten ore." 100,000
Container Container "This machine can hold an overflow of small ore blocks to prevent overloading machines like the Smelting Pot. Note: This machine does not add value to the ore." 1,000
Submitter Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 5.06.31 PM "The end point that converts your ore into money." 10,000
Oil Drill Level 1 Oil Drill1 "Accumulates oil over time which can be cashed out for money! Only one oil drill of each level can be purchased." 100
Oil Drill Level 2 Oil Drill2 "Accumulates oil over time which can be cashed out for money! Only one oil drill of each level can be purchased." 1,500
Oil Drill Level 3 Oil Drill3 "Accumulates oil over time which can be cashed out for money! Only one oil drill of each level can be purchased." 35,000
Hovercar Spawn Hovercar Spawn "This lets you spawn your current hover car." 1,000
Straight Conveyor Straight Conveyor "A straight conveyor belt." 100
Curved Conveyor Curved Conveyor "A curved conveyor belt." 100
Sloped Conveyor Sloped Conveyor "A sloped conveyor belt." 100
Long Sloped Conveyor Long Sloped Conveyor "A long sloped conveyor belt." 300
Conveyor Splitter Conveyor Splitter "This can be used to split ore flow between two tracks." 300
Left Slanted Conveyor Left Slanted Conveyor "A slanted conveyor belt." 50
Right Slanted Conveyor Right Slanted Conveyor "A slanted conveyor belt." 50
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