This machine melts down your ore into one long molten ore block.


The Smelter is a Base Machinery that smelts 5 Ores into one long, molten ore block. The molten or block will have 1.1 times the value of the 5 ores combined.

The Smelter starts off being 5 tiles high, requiring one Long Sloped Conveyor or 5 Sloped Conveyors to transport ores into the smelting pot on the smelter. The pot will appear to have molten ore inside it and the molten ore will rise up as more ores go into the smelting pot. Once the smelting pot is full, it will pour the liquid onto the conveyor.


The Smelter has an elevated Straight Conveyor on top and a smelting pot, which are both held up with support beams. There is a track on the bottom where molten ore block come out.

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