Porter is an NPC that helps players set up their Triton II base. He appears only on the first time players set up their Triton II base and tells the player to put down their Ore Collector and Submitter and go mine ores. If the player does not follow his directions, he will walk away.


The following is dialogue by Porter.

Well well well, what do we have here?!
New guy, huh? YEEEEE HAW!
It's nice to finally see a new face around these parts! 
You would not believe some of the other guys I have to put up with.
Anyways, you're probably itchin' to how to get started aren't ya?

After the Dialogue, player will have to choose a option

  • Option 1:Sure am!
    • If player choose this options, Porter will tell the player to mine ores and put down their Ore Collector
  • Option 2:Not really.
    • If player choose this options, Porter will walk away.

Dialogue when the player choose Sure am! Option:

Look at you! So excited to get to work already!
You'll be mining the most valuable ores in the galaxy in no time!
Let old Porter show ya how it's done.

After the Dialogue, player have to follow Porter
Dialogue after player follow Porter

.See those small rocks on that big rock? 
That's what I like to call...
Use your toolbar to equip your pickaxe, then mine the ore!

After the Dialogue, player have to mine the ores
Dialogue After the player mine the ores

When you mine your ore, it's goes into your backpack. 
More Dialogue To be added
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