Player bases are areas where players are able to place down Base Machinery and build their own unique setup. Players can place down Base Machinery and Furnitures their base with Base Editor, place down Materials and build with the Build Tool, and expand their base using the Expand Plot feature.

Players are given a Player Base on Triton II and can set up another base on Crimson if they purchase the V.I.P. Pass from the Premium Shop.

Space Mining Tycoon
Ores, Tools & Transportation
Ores Copper OreIron OreSilver OreGold OreFirestoneEmerald OreSapphire OreRuby OrePlatinum OreDiamond OreObsidianBlue Crystal
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Transportation Basic RoverPod RoverSubma RoverFormula 2 RoverClassy RoverHeavy PodRocketHovercar SpawnRocket Landing PadPublic Landing Area
Tools Rusty PickMetal PickIndustrial PickHybrid PickHyper PickExtended Hyper PickBreatherPack 1Pack 2Pack 3
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