A pass is a special item or privilege bought with Robux that enhance gameplay. A pass can unlock special perks and/or abilities and/or give aesthetic looks.


Below is a table displaying the pases and their information.

Name Icon Cost (Robux) Effect(s)
V.I.P. Vip 600 Allows players to set up bases on other Planets

Customizable Chat Color

1,000 Daily Credits

Space Suit and Breather aesthetics

Unlimited Boost Boost 250 Allows players to boost their Hovercar indefinitely
Stereo Stereo 150 Allows players to play music in their Hovercar
Return To Plot Return 200 Allows players to return to their plot regardless of their location
Space Mining Tycoon
Ores, Tools & Transportation
Ores Copper OreIron OreSilver OreGold OreFirestoneEmerald OreSapphire OreRuby OrePlatinum OreDiamond OreObsidianBlue Crystal
Essential Features Base EditorBuild ToolCreditExpand PlotPlayer BasePremium ShopSettingsTool SelectorTutorial
Transportation Basic RoverPod RoverSubma RoverFormula 2 RoverClassy RoverHeavy PodRocketHovercar SpawnRocket Landing PadPublic Landing Area
Tools Rusty PickMetal PickIndustrial PickHybrid PickHyper PickExtended Hyper PickBreatherPack 1Pack 2Pack 3
Objects ExplosiveBolt CuttersBattery