This lets you spawn your current hover car.


The Hovercar Spawn is a spawning pad that spawns Hovercars. All players are given a Hovercar Spawn once they set up their base, and Hovercar Spawns appear throughout the map.

To spawn your Rover, click on the green button next to the pad. Your current rover will spawn on top of the pad.


Below is a list of public locations with Hovercar Spawns.

Location Quantity
Triton II Public Landing Area 2
Triton II Rover Shop 2
Crimson Public Landing Area 3
Crimson Rover Shop 2


  • It is impossible to spawn a Hovercar on Fury because it has no Hovercar Spawns and players cannot set up a base on it.
  • You can only have one Hovercar at one time; spawning your Hovercar on a Hovercar Spawn will make your Hovercar disappear from its previous location and re-appear at the Hovercar Spawn.
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