This rover is actually used in high speed races! It has an exotic engine allowing for some serious speed!


The Heavy Pod is a Hovercar bought from the Crimson Rover Shop on Crimson costing 20,000 Credits. It is a quick rover that can carry 20 ores, making it the rover that can carry the most ores. It is ideal for mining, as it is fast and spacious.


  • The Heavy Pod is the most spacious rover, being the only rover able to carry 20 Ores.
  • The Heavy Pod ties with the Classy Rover as being the most expensive rover, both costing 20,000 credits.
  • Despite its in-game description stating how it is used in high-speed races, this rover is, on average, slower than the Formula 2 Rover.
    • However, it has a faster boost speed and is the fastest Hovercar in the game while boosting.
  • The Heavy Pod is the only Hovercar that can carry the player over the broken bridge in the Forgotten Quarry. To do this, press "F" at the edge of the broken bridge to jump while boosting, then press "Space" to jump mid air over the bridge and the player will zoom over onto the other side.
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