The Forgotten Quarry is a quarry that is unlocked by plugging in the battery into the gate (see below). It is a quarry rich with valuable ores that respawn after being mined. There is a broken bridge at the top of the quarry where players can meet Trenton if they use a Hovercar to boost over it (see instructions below).

Unlocking the Quarry

  1. Go to the Crimson Rover Shop on Crimson. At the side of the shop, there are Bolt Cutters. Press "E" to pick up the Bolt Cutters.
  2. Travel to the gate to the Leaning Tower, then use your Bolt Cutters on them. Then, travel to the base of the Leaning Tower
  3. Travel through the maze of the Leaning Tower and get to the top floor (see Leaning Tower for instructions on navigating through the maze). There is a Battery on top. A tunnel extends from the top floor that lets players quickly travel down the Leaning Tower without having to go back through the maze.
  4. Travel to the gate of the Forgotten Quarry and talk to ADA, the NPC there. Then plug in the Battery, and the gate will open up to the Forgotten Quarry.



  • A broken bridge is on top of the Forgotten Quarry, and players can use the Heavy Pod, Formula 2 Rover, or any other fast Hovercar to boost over the bridge. To do this, boost until you're on the edge of the quarry and press "F" to make the Hovercar jump and you can land on the other side.
  • The Forgotten Quarry is one of four areas that requires Objects to be unlocked, the other ones being the Customization Area, Crystal Cavern, and the Blue Crystal Cave.
  • The Forgotten Quarry was originally named "Peaceful Quarry" before it was forgotten.

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