The Crimson Rover Shop is located on the planet crimson. It is worth noting that the Breather must be purchased before exploring this planet, as players will slowly lose health without it.

The shop can be found by following the path on Crimson and taking the left fork at the first intersection, then taking the right fork at the next intersection. The shop has 2 rooms, one which is empty with a desk and the other with three Hovercars showcased.

Nearby the Crimson Rover Shop are 2 Hovercar Spawns areas and a few crates in which Bolt Cutters are located next to the crates.

Shop Items

Three more advanced rovers can be bought in the Crimson Rover Shop, compared to the Triton II Rover Shop.

Hovercar Name Image Description Cost (Credits)
Formula 2 Rover Formula 2 Rover-0 "A very fast rover even without Boost!" 10,000
Heavy Pod Heavy Pod-0 "This rover was actually used in high speed races! It has an exotic engine allowing for some serious speed!" 20,000
Classy Rover Classy Rover-0 "The fanciest and classiest rover in the galaxy!" 20,000
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