Credits, also known as Money, is the main currency in Space Mining Tycoon. Credits are used to buy all Shop Items except for those bought from the Premium Shop.

Obtaining Credits

Earning Credits

Credits can be earned in various ways listed below.

  • Processing ores. Ores can be processed by mining them with a Pick, transporting them on Conveyors using the Ore Collector, upgraded in value by Upgraders, and cashed out for Credits in the Submitter.
  • Collecting Oil Drills. Oil drills slowly fill up in oil and players can collect the oil by pressing the button next to the oil tank. The higher level the Oil Drill, the more oil it can hold and the faster it produces oil. Note that only one of each type of oil drill can be bought.

Purchasing Credits

Credits can be purchased from the Premium Shop for Robux. The costs are listed below.

Credits Cost (Robux) Credit/Robux
1,000 25 40
2,000 50 40
5,000 120 41.67
10,000 240 41.67
50,000 1,200 41.67
100,000 2,300 43.49
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