This machine can hold an overflow of small ore blocks to prevent overloading machines like the Smelting Pot. Note: This machine does not add value to the ore.


The Container is a Base Machinery that stores ores to prevent overflowing other Base Machineries with limited capacity, such as the Tumbler, Smelter, Chopper, or even other Containers. The Container can store 20 Ores.


It appears to be a tube with a metal unit next to it. There is a tube on the metal unit indicating how full the Container is, in which a blue indicator will rise higher when more ores pour in. There is also a button on it.


The button on the Container is the release switch for the Container. An indicator light will indicate whether the Container is in store mode or release mode.

  • A green light means the Container is in store mode
  • A red light means the Container is in release mode

The cylinder with blue inside indicates how full the Container is. When the blue rises to the top, that means there are 20 Ores in the Container and it is at max capacity, whereas when there is no blue, the Container is empty.

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