This machine will chop long molten ore into smaller more valuable pieces that can travel the conveyor belts more easily.


Usage and Effects

The Chopper chops the Molten Ore Block from the Smelter into 3 smaller blocks each 0.4 times as valuable as the Molten Ore, making the 3 chopped pieces together is 1.2 times more valuable than the original Molten Ore.

Make sure you connect the Smelter and the Chopper with ONLY Straight Conveyor(s), Sloped Conveyor(s), and/or Long Sloped Conveyor(s). Having 3 smaller blocks make it easier to travel on the Conveyors, as each is 3 times shorter than the original Molten Ore. The Chopped Molten Ore does not get stuck on Curved Conveyors and can fit into the Tumbler and Coolant Tank, unlike the Molten Ore.


The Chopper has an entrance on the side and 3 exits to the left. This means that the Chopper is always a left turn.

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