Triton II Locations are locations on the planet Triton II.

Triton II Locations

Below is a list of Triton II Locations and their utilities.

Name Utility
Blue Crystal Cave Mining Blue Crystals
Crystal Cavern Mining Ores, accessing Blue Crystal Cave
Customization Area Customizing Hovercars, Rockets, and Drones
Forgotten Quarry Mining Ores
Furniture Store Purchasing Furnitures
Mining Grounds Mining Ores
Rocket Shop Purchasing Rockets
The GearBox Purchasing Base Machinery
The ToolBox Purchasing most Tools
Triton II Public Landing Area Landing Rockets for those without suitable Rocket Landing Pad and spawning Hovercars
Triton II Rover Shop Purchasing Hovercars
Space Mining Tycoon
Ores, Tools & Transportation
Ores Copper OreIron OreSilver OreGold OreFirestoneEmerald OreSapphire OreRuby OrePlatinum OreDiamond OreObsidianBlue Crystal
Essential Features Base EditorBuild ToolCreditExpand PlotPlayer BasePremium ShopSettingsTool SelectorTutorial
Transportation Basic RoverPod RoverSubma RoverFormula 2 RoverClassy RoverHeavy PodRocketHovercar SpawnRocket Landing PadPublic Landing Area
Tools Rusty PickMetal PickIndustrial PickHybrid PickHyper PickExtended Hyper PickBreatherPack 1Pack 2Pack 3
Objects ExplosiveBolt CuttersBattery

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