The Build Tool is a tool that allows players to edit materials in their base.

The Build Tool will only show up when a player is near their own Player Base. However when opened can still be open when the player moves away from their base. The Build Tool only appears when the player has at least one material


Below are images from the Build Tool menu.

  • The Top row shows the selected material and how many cubic tiles of that material the player has. Clicking on it will allow players to select different materials.
  • The Second row has three buttons: the "Move" button (orange cross with arrows), the "Scale" button (blue square with another blue square in it), and the "Rotate" button (a green circle with a dot in the middle)
    • The "Move" button allows players to move the selected materials or blocks of materials.
    • The "Scale" button allows players to resize a group of materials. Making the group bigger requires more materials and shrinking the group will put materials back into the player's inventory.
  • The "Rotate" button allows players to rotate their material group.
  • The third row allows players to control their transparency and reflectance of the material group, in which a transparency/reflectance of 1 is the maximum and 0 is the minimum.
  • The fourth row allows players to select the shape of their material. Players can select cube, sphere, cylinder, wedge, and pyramid.
  • The fifth row has two buttons: the "Add Block" button and the Delete button.
    • The "Add Block" button adds a block of the selected material of the selected shape. The Delete button deletes the selected group of block(s).
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