The Base Editor is a tool a player can use to place, move and sell Category:Base Machinery and Furnitures.

The Base Editor tool will only show up when a player is near their own Player Base(s).


Computer Controls

Below lists the Controls of the Base Editor for a Computer

  • Clicking an item in your Base Inventory selects it. Dragging your mouse to a location in your base then clicking on that location places the building if there is enough space.
  • Pressing "U" elevates the height you build at.
  • Pressing "J" descends the height you build at.
  • Pressing "R" rotates the selected building if that building is not placed down.
  • Clicking on a building you already have opens a dropdown menu with three options: "Move", "Inventory", and "Sell".
    • Clicking "Move" allow you to move and rotate the selected building.
    • Clicking "Inventory" places the selected building back into your Base Inventory.
    • Clicking "Sell" sells the building for its original price.
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